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Feeling so blessed for everything, alhamdulillah :) Allah do listen to our prayers and show the best way, even though sometimes we are faced with trials first just to test our faith. Always have a positive mindset, in every cloud there is a ALWAYS silver lining. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ – Read on Path.

A new cast. It was pretty entertaining with a new storyline, only if it wasn’t so damn long. Another movie where Autobots is the underdog and come out on top. Will surely be a sequel from the looks at the ending … – View on Path.

A new chapter in the history of Indonesia!
Thanks President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono for the past 10 years leading the country. Congrats to the new elected President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, who will continue to lead our beloved country for the next 5 years (or maybe more). We have high hopes for you to make Indonesia better than before. :) Selamat bertugas, Pak. – Read on Path.

Last night in Japan. Had a blast during the last few days! It’s always hard to say goodbye, but we gotta keep on going! See you when I see you :) Thanks TWINCLE, IPB & Chiba University for giving me this opportunity! 😍😍😍 with Cici and Ai at δΈŠι‡Žε‹•η‰©εœ’ (Ueno Zoo) – View on Path.

Excuse the title, but that was what (kinda) happened when we arrived in Japan. To continue the story before, I only had 20 minuted of watching Godzilla left when the plane is preparing for landing. Oh well, should continue on the flight back, please remind me haha.

So when we arrive at Narita, it was bloody sunny. You could not see that a typhoon was there a couple of hours ago. I guess the sun do really come out after the storm. We made past immigration and contacted Ai, our IPB friend who was already in Chiba since August. She told us that Mas Fedri was in the airport also and can show us the way to the train that is heading to Inage (the station closest to the Chiba International House).

We finally met Mas Fedri at the prayer room (so nice Japanese is also concerned about Muslim’s need to pray) and managed to squeeze in Ashar in the last minute plus Maghrib. Then we got together also with Abi, a newcomer of the 2 month Twincle program from ITB, and started our journey to Inage. The train rute is pretty simple to Inage, you only take the Sobu Rapid Line from Narita and one hour later you arrive. But first, we bought a Seica card to ride the train. Seica card is a rechargeable card for taking trains. The price is 2000 yen but there is a 500 yen card price and 1500 yen that you can use to get anywhere. More efficient than having to buy small ticket stubs.

We boarded our train with ease, not as packed as we thought although there is seem to be delays here and there. I’m surprised, Japan. But maybe because of the typhoon, so I’ll cut you some slack. When we arrived, we are greeted by Ai, Edu and Sigit, fellow IPB students and alumni. We then walked to our dorm, about 10 minutes from the station. Got settled in the dorm and find out the room is pretty neat. It’s like a family apartment with kitchen, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave and dryer! Woho!

For dinner, we decided to cook whatever that Ai have (thanks Ai :)). On the process of cooking, lots of PPI Chiba members come and visited us in the apartment. So so so many. Mostly were Twincle students while others are in exchange and continuing their studies here. The apartment was packed and there were food, tea and chatty conversation. Plus a saman tutorial since PPI Chiba will be performing in early November (good luck guys!). It was so much fun since we got new friends and learn a lot about what’s happening around Chiba and Japan. Feels like home away from home :) The party (or get together) ended at midnight and we tidy up, unpacked and went straight to bed excited about what’s in story for tomorrow. Yap, the first day of Twincle Trial Program!

Wearing yukata & learning origami from sensei sensei in CIRE, Chiba. at 千葉倧学 θ₯Ώεƒθ‘‰γ‚­γƒ£γƒ³γƒ‘γ‚Ή – View on Path.

Hai all, so this time I’ll write about my trip to Japan. Me and 3 other Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) are chosen to represent our university in the Twin College Envoy Program hosted by Chiba University. We are enrolled in the Trial Course, which include 10 day stay and visit in Chiba. So basically this is my first time traveling to Japan and you could guess that I am super excited!

The process to acquire visa and other documents are relatively easy. Plus the steps to get Japanese VISA in the embassy is very clear. So we have no problem at all with immigration process. We were also funded by JASSO and IPB Ditmawa for transport and during the stay there. All we need to prepare are our presentation, souvenirs from Indonesia and enough clothes to last early Autumn in Japan. Yeay!

Our flight to Narita was scheduled on October 5 with a transit in Hong Kong using Cathay Pacific. Now the funny thing is, on the day that we are supposed to arrive in Narita, a typhoon was due to hit the Tokyo area. We were expecting a bit of delay, so we thought it was no big deal. We didn’t predict the typhoon anyway when we bought the tickets hahaha.

When October 5th finally arrived, it was somewhat hard to leave because it was coincidentally Idul Adha holiday :( So kind of missed out on eating as many ketupat and opor ayam plus sate that I want, but hey I’m going to Japan! So on Sunday, after the Idul Adha prayers, I ate breakfast and get ready to head to Damri Botani Square to catch the bus to the airport. I was accompanied by Arga (of course hihi) and my fellow Trial Course participant, Ka Cici & Ridho. Mba Tintin met us at the airport since she was bringing her family.

We took off to Hong Kong at 14.35 sharp (I’m impressed, Cathay). It was a pleasant flight since the entertainment and food was great. The chair is a bit stiff though and there were a lot of toddlers on board, but I got the window seat so it was cool. In the 4 hour trip, I managed to catch up on couple of movies that I missed. I watched Transformers 4 (yawn, so long) and half of 22 Jump Street (HILARIOUS!).

We finally reached Hong Kong at 20.35 local time and by the time we got out the plane, jeng jeng jeng, 2 Cathay staff went to talk to us. Turns out that our flight that was supposed to be on Monday in 01.00 was delayed until 10.00 because of the typhoon! Alhamdulillah, Cathay had us all set up with a free hotel room at the Regal Airport Hotel (1 person per room!), free dinner at the Shanghainese restaurant - The Dragon Inn and a 75 Hong Kong dollar breakfast in any resto/fast food counter of our choice in airport! Thank you Cathay! It was a super awesome and thoughtful layover. Too bad there is demonstration in the city area, because turns out that our flight was delayed again until 11.00. We could’ve had a city tour wkwk.

We finally got on the flight to Narita at 11.00. I managed to finish 22 Jump Street and start watching Godzilla on board while waiting to arrive hahaha. I’ll finish it on the flight back in 11 days. So our first leg of the trip is mostly spent on airplanes, hotel and plane. Hopefully more good luck and fun surprises awaits us in Japan!

Writen on board CX 524. 14.47 local time.
Excuse the pictures, not transfered yet to the laptop. More stories soon! :D

Bad news: karena typhoon #18, flight ke Narita delayed 9 jam. Jadi baru berangkat jam 10 pagi.
Good news: dapet kamar hotel, makan malam dan makan pagi ditanggung Cathay :)
In every cloud there is a silver lining :) – View on Path.

Bismillah, one day :) even though been flying around and about, trips around the world is not complete without visiting Makkah & Madina. Insya Allah. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ – View on Path.

Last night aftermath! :)) love you girls until death do us part πŸ˜πŸ‘­πŸ‘­πŸ‘­πŸ‘­ be a happy bride, Dea!
#bridalshower #girls #love #bestie #latepost #bridetobe #party #private #dinner

Wohoo, tagged by @ririnprameswari & @accesstiachristy for this #20factsaboutme challenge. So challenge accepted guys! Here goes :)

1. A typical Pisces with A blood type. Pretty accurate to describe myself.
2. An ENFJ. Took the test four times and still got the same result. Not so dissapointing :)
3. Love cheese! Introduced by my aunt when I was just 3, now I’m kind of addicted to it.
4. My whole family attended the same university in which I majored in the same thing as my parents. Only my little sister is different.
5. My dream job is to represent Indonesia’s agriculture in the international world! Or be a professor.
6. Love teaching. To simply put it, I like to share my knowledge and experience with others.
7. Have no problem with public speaking, the bigger the crowd, the better! Miss being an MC for events sometimes.
8. Have an obsession for shoes! I splurge on this.
9. I’m an avid reader. I love to read books and article and journals wkwk.
10. I play basketball and love to exercise, even though sometimes my schedule won’t let me do it :( now trying ways to keep fit with short amount of time.
11. Can’t drive a motorcycle and not in any interest to learn how to do it either.
12. Procastinator at its best! Well, now it’s better.
13. Very loyal. I have a tight (couple of) group of friends from high school and college which I trust very much. I don’t trust easily.
14. Have a passion about plant breeding and plant production in agriculture.
15. Wants to be famous for something noteable.
16. Love travelling and learning about other culture. Maybe my childhood years in US triggers me to have this strong feelings and curiosity about other countries and culture.
17. Like to use my time as efficient as possible.
18. Joined International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences LC IPB in 2008. Which help gave me the most memorable moments and achievements in my life! Plus a boyfriend hahaha, thanks IAAS!
19. Mini. Yes I am only 150 cm tall. But I’m concetrated awesome! Hahahahaha
20. Moody, although I am learning not to let my mood control me. On progress though. :)

For those of you tagged, now it’s your turn!

Food technology seminar at Australian Embassy! :) sekali-kali berubah jadi anak FST boleh laaah. with dwi and Wulan Septiningtyas at Australian Embassy – View on Path.

#superlatepost about the people I spent quality time with yesterday. Glad to be able to catch up and talk about everything from adventures in Kalimantan to the social economy gap in Indonesia nowadays over the IAAS interview session and dinner. Seems like yesterday that we are handling IAAS super busy event (WoCo, Olympic, ect) and now we’re off to work and grad school! Had super fun with you guys, see you very soon in IOP! with Dodi, Hijjaz, Nisa , Genadi, and Leo – View on Path.

Random thing of the day: getting on the Jakarta City Tour bus! :)) at Plaza Indonesia – View on Path.

September 1st! New semester and new spirit to finish my Master’s degree! :) Also, a very happy 51st anniversary to the best agricultural university in Indonesia, Institut Pertanian Bogor! Keep searching and serving the best for this nation’s agriculture. Proud to be one of its graduates and soon to be MSi, aamiin. πŸ˜‡πŸŒ±πŸ’• – View on Path.